A quick review of “The Martian”

I am one of those annoying people who always read the book before seeing a movie. I usually end up comparing the movie to the book and finding the movie rather lacking. Sometimes, I’ll think the movie is a good movie on its own, even when it’s nothing like the book. In this case, I can definitely say that “The Martian” is a great movie on it’s own, as well as a pretty faithful adaptation of Andy Weir’s book.

This review has spoilers. It’s a quick review and the movie has been out a few weeks, so I don’t want to have to figure out what might spoil it for folks. If you haven’t seen it, you should. We saw the movie at a matinee and I would happily re-see it in the theaters again. It is almost unheard of for me to say this because I’m a cheapskate.

So here we go… Spoilers below….

Things that the movie left out that I really wish had been in there:

  1. More of the science. Though the best line in the book is still included: “I’m going to have to science the sh*t out of this,” they had a lot of good science and history in there, but I really enjoyed the background and some of the work he put into surviving. I wanted to see more.
  2. Watney having an accident on his way to the MAV to escape the planet. It felt like they were leading up to this since they were sure to show him nodding off while driving and then suddenly he was arriving. I have a feeling that scene was cut just because of time.

Thing the movie left out that I’m glad they did:

  1. Most of the foul language. Mark Watney’s character in the book was a potty mouth to put it nicely. I was glad they took out the majority of the language. The amount that was left in made a bigger impact and certainly made me feel that if I were in that situation, those would be the correct words/feelings to have. Having too much foul language in the book deadened the big impact that him using those words in the movie sparingly had.

Things the movie included that I’m surprised they did:

  1. His stench on being rescued. They toned it down quite a bit, but it was certainly nice to see a movie include the idea that the main character is not a bed of roses.
  2. His physical looks. I really liked how they showed his overall robustness getting worse after time. Not just in the bruising on his body but in the yellowing of his teeth, loss of muscle mass, etc. Matt Damon and the make-up folks did an awesome job in this department. Kudos!

Things the movie included that was not in the book and I’m glad was in the movie:

  1. We get to see what happened to all these people later. Like my husband said as we were leaving, that would have just been indulgent and unneeded in a book, but in a movie, you really want to get that closure.
  2. Sean Bean in a role where he doesn’t die. My first thought on seeing him as Mitch Henderson was to think “Wait, that guy doesn’t die!” So yay for him in getting a part where he lives happily-ish ever after.

My opinion: This movie is definitely worth full price of admission plus the popcorn. Then, be sure to buy it once it comes out. Really good movie.